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Life Coaching 

“Courage is starting where there is no secure outcome, no sure result. The secret is you can begin again at any time. Take one deep breath, and dive.”

-from Danna Fauld’s poem, “Maybe Not”



“Thank you so much for the uplifting coaching session today! I feel lighter and excited about future prospects!  Your techniques incorporating movement was just what was needed to help me tap into some inner feelings that I didn’t realize were simmering.  The timing, of course, was perfect!”

- DT


"Janis, you're the best! ! 
I am now serving, happily and thankfully, in the Peace Corps, and the months you had helped me before departing, has given me strength and courage in facing my new life path. What was so incredible about you was your gentle method of careful listening and unobtrusive guidance (most of the time, I hadn't know how "I" had come up with a solution) 
I believe this all goes back to your own deep character and compassion as a person. Combined with your intelligence and intensive training, you can't help but being uplifting to and supportive of those around you. 
I continue to value you as a professional, a very special human being, and now, a friend.

Thank you for all you have done for me, and continue to do…on reflection."

Cherril Kolesik 
Peace Corps Volunteer, TEFL 
Azerbaijan (2012- 2014)


“From a man who ‘thinks’ he knows everything to a woman who knows some things that he doesn’t know, thank you!  And more of what I’m certain I know; I Love you Janis!!”

- Fred Bader,

Ph.D., Love Counselor, Speaker and Author of several books, including The Love Book: Simple Truths